Succession Might Have Just Written Off a Couple of Major Characters

The final season of Succession shocked fans by killing off Logan Roy, arguably the most important character on the entire show, in its third episode. As we barrel towards the series finale, the show has become about how Logan’s children react and run Waystar-Royco in the wake of his passing. So far, things haven’t exactly been going smoothly. The deal with Matsson to buy GoJo is the biggest piece of business facing the siblings and it will have a lasting effect on their legacies, especially after the offer at the end of Sunday’s new episode. It also could be paving the way for the exit of a couple of the show’s major characters.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the latest episode of Succession’s final season! Continue reading at your own risk…

Matsson informs Kendall and Roman that he also wants to take ATN in the deal to acquire Waystar-Royco, which they aren’t on-board with, and Roman ends up potentially ruining their plans to tank the deal by telling Matsson that’s exactly what he’s doing. Surprisingly, Matsson calls with an even bigger offer, one that they can’t say no to, forcing them to do business with the Swede. It’s immediately clear that Shiv was behind this new twist, speaking to Matsson on the phone and sending him a picture of her dejected brothers.

A deal with Matsson isn’t what Kendall and Roman wanted, but at least they’re still going to be enjoying the benefits. Not everyone is going to be so fortunate. The episode is titled “Kill List” after the list of potential Waystar/Royco higher ups Matsson might be planning to let go once the deal goes through. At the end of the episode, that list is revealed.

While Tom, Gerri, and Karolina are safe, the rest cant be said for the company’s directors. The trio of Frank, Karl, and Hugo are all apparently out once the deal goes through.

The deal is moving fast, so that could mean Succession fans might be seeing the last of Frank, Karl, and Hugo in the near future. Logan’s funeral is coming up, and they’ll likely be there, but the days of the trio at board meetings and discussing important deals behind closed doors may be over.

Of course, the deal does have to actually go through for this to happen. While it seems like it’s locked in at this point, Matsson is a total wild card, so anything could still happen.

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