Succession Creator Jesse Armstrong Answers One of the Show’s Biggest Lingering Questions

Succession may have come to an end, but there are still some lingering questions from conclusion of the acclaimed four-season series. One of the most talked-about topics since the show concluded regards a potentially underlined or crossed-out name on a piece of paper. Logan Roy’s will contained the name of his son, Kendall, which was seemingly both underlined and crossed-out. The characters on the show had no idea whether he was indicating that he wanted Kendall to succeed him, or whether he was crossing out his son’s name as an option to take over as CEO.

Some fans believe that Kendall’s name was underlined. Others believe that it was crossed out. Succession creator Jeremy Strong has now effectively put the issue to rest. Speaking over the weekend, Armstrong strongly suggested that Kendall’s name was, in fact, underlined.

“If you were crossing something out, you wouldn’t start underneath, would you?” Armstrong asked a live audience. While he doesn’t go as far as to definitively say that Kendall’s name was underlined, he came pretty close. That’s likely the most definitive answer we’re going to get on the matter.

What Happened After the Succession Finale?

After earning his first Emmy nomination earlier this year, Succession star Alan Ruck spoke to Deadline and opened up about what he thought might have happened to Connor Roy after the end of the series.

“I think Connor was happy for a while,” Ruck said of his character. “I think he and Willa were kind of happy for a while and then I think the pink clouds dissipated pretty quickly, and it’s really obvious at the end of the show that she’s not happy about the idea that he might not go to Slovenia. She was counting on him being away. So I don’t know how long they’ll last. But, you know, they had that one little moment that none of the rest of them really got. I mean, the whole family is a disaster when it comes to relationships.”

Ruck went on to say that he grew to appreciate Connor’s loyalty to the rest of his family, even when they didn’t deserve it.

“He is loyal. He loves his family, and he knows that hey are really incapable of loving him,” Ruck explained. “They’re like, ‘Connor, yeah, we love him.’ But they thing he’s an idiot, and they’re very dismissive and they’re so wrapped up in their own egos. They are not really capable of loving anybody. Loving people wasn’t useful to Logan, so he didn’t do it. And I think that’s true of Kendall and Roman and Siobhan, too. They’re just cold. They’re missing those love chips. Maybe Roman has a little bit, maybe there’s some little ember of love still alive in Rome.”