Stephen Amell Addresses Uncertainty About Heels Season Premiere, Future

Even though the second season of Stephen Amell‘s Heels was shot in 2022, no premiere date for the next batch of episodes has been announced at all. As of this writing it’s been over a year since the season one finale of the show and there seems to be no real indicator of when it will return. Speaking on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Amell was asked about the future of the series and the uncertainty surrounding its upcoming second season. The star and executive producer on the show noted that work is nearly done on the episodes but confusion with their parent company is what’s keeping the show from coming out just yet.

“I wouldn’t say anxiety but we are going through a process right now where Starz was acquired by Lionsgate in 2016, and they are now in the process of, as best I understand it, untangling that partnership,” Amell said. “I have no idea what that means by the way, but again, from the little of it that I understand, as the as they are untangling everything they are figuring out which assets belong to whom. So as a result, we wrapped filming on the first of July, and we don’t have a premiere date, let alone a trailer, l’et alone an indication of season three. I know that there are meetings that are starting to happen about writing for season three but in the normal order of things we would have more information.”

When asked if he’s been in touch with anyone, Amell replied, “I just talked to Mike O’Malley this morning, who’s our showrunner, and he’s like ‘I’m just like I’m putting the finishing touches on eight,’ which is our final episode this year. So again, that’s how far along we are in the process. I’d be worried if I didn’t think the season was spectacular. Way better (than season one). More story, more scope…I personally think that that I’ve went up a level for a variety of reasons and I’m incredibly happy with my performance, the action and the storytelling. It also felt more like a cohesive season because we actually shot it in order.”


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