Star Wars: Adam Driver Says He’s Reminded of One Kylo Ren Scene “Every Day”

Adam Driver is currently promoting his new film Ferrari which sees him starring as Enzo Ferrari. Naturally, some of Driver’s past performances are coming up during various interviews, including his time playing Kylo Ren/Ben Solo in the Star Wars sequels. During a recent appearance on Max’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Driver revealed the one moment from the trilogy he can’t seem to live down. You won’t surprised to learn that it’s the moment Kylo kills Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“Somebody reminds me about that every day,” Driver shared. When asked if he was being series, Driver added, “Not every day, but yeah. It used to be more, but now it’s probably once a month someone will let me know that I killed Han Solo.” Driver talked more about filming the infamous moment, saying it wasn’t necessarily “tough,” but “very emotional actually.” He added, “Harrison was so generous and contemplative, and to me, that was a great moment on set, even though it was his death.”

Will Adam Driver Return To Star Wars?

Now that a movie about Rey (Daisy Ridley) is in the works at Lucasfilm, some folks are wondering if Adam Driver will return as Ben Solo. In the world of Star Wars, there’s always room for a Force Ghost or flashback.

“No, I’m totally not against it. For me, it’s a filmmaker’s medium, so my only thing is working with great filmmakers,” Driver confirmed with UNILAD back in 2021. “Whatever the size … it’s never been interesting to me, to an extent. There’s interesting things about working on both. I always just follow people I’d be interested in working with, and whether I’d be right for the part — things like that. No, definitely not averse.”

What Is Ferrari About?

You can read the official description for Ferrari here: “It is the summer of 1957. Behind the spectacle of Formula 1, ex-racer Enzo Ferrari is in crisis. Bankruptcy threatens the factory he and his wife, Laura built from nothing ten years earlier. Their volatile marriage has been battered by the loss of their son, Dino a year earlier. Ferrari struggles to acknowledge his son Piero with Lina Lardi. Meanwhile, his drivers’ passion to win pushes them to the edge as they launch into the treacherous 1,000-mile race across Italy, the Mille Miglia.

Ferrari stars Adam Driver, Pen?lope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gordon, Gabriel Leone, Jack O’Connell, and Patrick Dempsey. The film was directed by Michael Mann from a screenplay by Troy Kennedy Martin.

Ferrari will be in theaters on December 25th.