Shotzi Reveals New Look and Gets a Big Win on WWE SmackDown

Bayley has been rather fearful of Shotzi over the past few weeks, as Shotzi has been sending messages to Bayley in a variety of unnerving ways. This all stemmed from when Bayley and Damage CTRL attacked Shotzi, an attack that led to Bayley cutting off chunks of Shotzi’s hair. Ever since Shotzi has been toying with Bayley and later revealed that she had cut her hair off, and on tonight’s SmackDown the two superstars finally met face to face. That was when Shotzi revealed her new look, and then Shotzi got the big win over Bayley and her Damage CTRL allies thanks to some unexpected help from Charlotte Flair. You can see Shotzi’s new look below.

Bayley looked a bit freaked out, but Shotzi was having a ball. Shotzi dodged Bayley’s move and then slowly got back up to unnerve Bayley even more. Bayley got a hit in but Shotzi laughed it off and then went to work on Bayley, knocking her down to the mat and kicking her in the head. Shotzi wrapped around Bayley and brought her over the ropes, and Bayley looked off her game at this point.

Bayley was able to kick Shotzi away and get some punches in, and then she stomped on Shotzi in the corner. Bayley taunted Shotzi a bit and her hair, but Shotzi hit a step up Enzugiri and knocked her to the ring apron. Shotzi then slammed Bayley onto the floor and did it again on the other side of the ring. Shotzi then got up on the ring and hit a senton on Bayley, slamming her back onto the floor.

Back from the commercial, Bayley had Shotzi in a hold but Shotzi was able to escape. Bayley was able to take back control with a move from the top rope, but Shotzi kicked out of the cover. Bayley went for the elbow drop again but Shotzi got her knee up and followed it with a kick to the head. Shotzi then went for the dive between the ropes, and she connected, slamming Bayley down to the floor once again.

Back in the ring, Shotzi hit a facebuster and a series of kicks and punches. Shotzi then went for a bulldog but Bayley attacked her and knocked her down. Bayley went for the cover but Shotzi kicked out. Bayley went for the Bayley to Belly but Shotzi blocked it and Shotzi hit the suplex into the corner. That was followed with a cannonball from Shotzi, but before Shotzi could leap from the top rope, Bayley punched her and slammed her down.

At that point, IYO SKY had the Title and was trying to give it to Bayley to use on Shotzi, but Charlotte Flair came out and threw SKY into the barricade. Then Flair clocked Bayley in the face and that allowed Shotzi to cover her and get the pin and the win, and Flair celebrated Shotzi’s victory with her in the ring. It was revealed later that Shotzi and Flair will be teaming up next week to take on Bayley and SKY in a Tag Team match.

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