Shaun of the Dead Star Simon Pegg Celebrates Film’s Anniversary With Photo of Original Cosutme

It’s been 19 years since Shaun of the Dead opened in theaters and in honor of the film’s anniversary, star Simon Pegg has taken to social media to share a photo of his original costume from the film. In the post, Pegg’s costume — a “blood” stained and spattered white button-down shirt with red tie and his Foree Electric nametag — is displayed in a frame. Pegg captioned the photo “In case of zombie apocalypse, break glass. Happy 19th birthday, Shaun of the Dead.” You can check out the post for yourself below.

Directed by Edgar Wright and written by Wright and Pegg, Shaun of the Dead stars Pegg as the titular Shaun, a downtrodden salesman in London who finds himself caught in the zombie apocalypse with his friend Ed (Nick Frost) even though they two are unlikely candidates to survive such an event. The film sees Shaun have to rise to the occasion to not only survive, but try to protect his ex-girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield) as well all while trying to get his life together. The film ends with Shaun and Liz both having survived the apocalypse and six months later, they’re shown to have reconciled while Shaun keeps a now-zombified Ed in his shed where the two play video games together.

Despite the film having a pretty definitive ending, fans have long wondered if there would ever be a sequel to Shaun of the Dead and it’s something that Pegg has previously said would be “boring” given how the film ended.

“It baffles me how there possibly could be a Shaun of the Dead 2, because most of our main characters are dead. One of them is a zombie, in a shed… which would be boring,” Pegg said.

Wright has also said that he’s reluctant to go back to Shaun of the Dead — even in terms of its genre — because there’s no need to repeat himself.

“I haven’t gone back to horror-comedy, because with Shaun of the Dead I felt like I had said much of what I wanted to say with that movie,” Wright told SFX Magazine previously. “It’s difficult to return to that, as a producer. Sometimes I get sent films — people want to make the next Shaun and want me to come aboard as a producer. But I find it difficult to cover the same territory again.”

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