Ronda Rousey Returns to WWE on SmackDown

Many have wondered what would happen next with Ronda Rousey, as she hasn’t been seen in WWE since her loss to a returning Charlotte Flair several weeks ago on SmackDown. That was answered tonight, as Rousey made her return after Natalya and Shayna Baszler got into a war of words in the ring. Rousey was set to attack Natalya but Baszler held her back only to attack Natalya herself. Rousey and Baszler are once again a force to be reckoned with, but there are teases that the best friends could be falling apart sooner than later.

It all started with Natalya coming to the ring and talking about Elimination Chamber, which she will be involved in. She then segued into taking some jabs at Baszler, and called her a Rousey knock off. Before she could continue though she was cut off by Baszler, who obviously took issue with Natalya’s jokes.

Baszler said it was funny that she was being called a Rousey knock-off, as she was winning matches in WWE long before Rousey was here. She also said she’s sick of people saying she’s a Rousey knock-off, but before she could go on further, Rousey’s music hit. Rousey came out and walked directly towards the ring, and upon getting in the ring she went right at Natalya.

Baszler stopped her from going after Natalya, and for a minute you thought Baszler might be leading to something else. That was purposeful obviously, but then Baszler turned around and hit Natalya, knocking her to the mat. Then Rousey and Baszler started kicking and stomping on Natalya, and then they held her and hit her with the knee that previously broke Natalya’s nose.

Rousey and Baszler looked back on the same page, but the fractures are starting to show. If Baszler keeps getting hit with more insults about how she is a Rousey knock-off, you could very well see her taking it out on Rousey. Perhaps that is how we ultimately get a Rousey vs Baszler showdown, a match that many have wanted to see since Rousey joined up with WWE.

They’ve already been allies for quite some time, and while we might see them as a Tag Team for a minute, it seems we may get both stars against each other later this year. WrestleMania 39 is around the corner, so maybe we’ll even see it then.

Rousey had been off WWE TV since Flair made her surprise return several weeks ago, and the same night she got Rousey to agree to a Title match and proceeded to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Baszler tried to get Rousey not to do it, but she didn’t listen, and now Flair is Champion. Rousey hasn’t confronted Flair just yet, but that can’t be too far away.


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