Rocksteady Reveals Suicide Squad’s Map is “Twice the Size of Arkham City”

Rocksteady Studios is famous for its work on the Batman: Arkham series, but it’s taking the franchise in a slightly new direction with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Instead of stepping back into the heavy shoes of The Caped Crusader, players will be able to play as several different members of the Suicide Squad. Recently, Rocksteady re-started the hype campaign for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by starting up a series of “Insider” videos. These give players a peek being the curtain of development, showing off some of the things they can expect when the game releases. The first one gave a look at traversal, while revealing a few details about the size of the map.

Anyone who played Batman: Arkham City will remember how big the city felt when it launched in 2011. Now, Rocksteady is promising that the city of Metropolis will be “twice the size” of that map. That is a huge chunk of landmass for players to explore when the game drops. On top of that, Rocksteady is already promising to make Metropolis even bigger with post-launch content. Remember, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be a live-service game, which means Rocksteady will need to drop all kinds of content to keep players around.

The first Insider video also gave players a look at how the four different playable characters will get around the open world. Harley Quinn, for example, can grapple around the world, making use of various structures to quickly move through Metropolis. Meanwhile, Deadshot can use his skills to create vantage points around the environment, easily creating perches you can snipe from. Of course, making sure traversal is fun is an important aspect of the game. After all, if you want players to have a good time with your open world, you’ll want to make it fun to run around.

The next Insider video will delve even deeper into Rocksteady’s plans for the future of the game and give players a “sneak preview” of the game’s combat. Hopefully, the team can continue to impress, as many players were down on Suicided Squad: Kill the Justice League after it’s initial teaser last year. While those fears haven’t been completely assuaged, it does seem like Rocksteady is slowly starting to win players back by focusing on what makes the game fun to play.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justic League Release Date

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to play the game themselves. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justic League is due out on February 2, 2024. It’ll launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. That said, if you buy the $100 version, you can get 72 hours of early access and start on January 30.