Rick and Morty Take on Dinosaurs in Season 6’s Newest Episode

Rick and Morty has officially crossed the halfway point of the sixth season, and this means that it’s time to see how the second half of the new episode shake out. The sixth season opened with a big premiere that offered up some huge new changes to the series’ status quo and teased new lore for the future, but the episodes since have been exploring more episodic adventures highlighting new aspects of the Smith Family. So each new episode has been fun to see as it’s been hard to guess exactly what’s going to happen in any particular week.

That’s especially true heading into Episode 6 of the season as following early promotional materials teasing that there would be an alien invasion of some sort, it turned out that the “Juricksic Mort” title was referring to the fact that a species of highly intelligent dinosaurs came to Earth and really shook up things. But much like every other episode of the new season thus far, it was really only the start of the wackiness we’ll see play out in the rest of the season. Get the full breakdown of everything important that went down in the Rick and Morty Season 6 episode, “Juricksic Mort” below:


  • A mysterious rift from the Season 6 premiere remains open, and Rick confirms that he got the portal gun working again. Taking Morty to school, the two of them talk about how it’s been nice to have adventures without the use of portals. When Morty gets to school, Mr. Goldenfold and the other students all panic as a fleet of ships start to land across the world. Inside it’s revealed to be a group of intelligent dinosaurs with jeweled helmets that give them telekinetic powers.
  • Standing in front of the United Nations, the intelligent dinosaurs find out that the other dinosaurs all died out. They explain that millions of years they have been traveling between worlds to help each of them advance, but are worried to find that they had been wiped out. Instead they now offer the humans a time to relax and make more Marvel movies, and are ready to take over and start making things peaceful for people all over. This includes ending world hunger, the need for jobs, money, and the need to complain about anything.
  • Beth and the rest of the Smith Family starts to hate feeling useless, and Rick then says they’ve all basically become like Jerry in this instance. They speak to Jerry about “how he does it” and Jerry is so happy that it’s “finally happened.” Pulling up a manuscript that he had been working on for years, he seeks to submit something. Rick and the President then meet up, and President reveals his own boredom with the way dinosaurs have brought peace. But Rick refuses to do anything about it as he’s content with everything.
  • It turns out to be a trick from Rick and he agrees to help get rid of the dinosaurs in exchange for hosting the Oscars. Rick then approaches the dinosaurs and tries to get them to leave by maybe heading into the multiverse, but the dinosaurs refuse as they believe themselves to be much smarter than he is. In fact, they make a much better portal gun and Rick is angered over the fact that they carry themselves in such a way (even going as far as refusing to have the rift closed). But Morty tries to get to the heart of why Rick feels this way. Rick’s angered over the fact that he’s felt lesser, and then decides to take the fight to them.
  • Heading to a planet where the dinosaurs had colonized, it’s revealed that they went extinct there millions of years ago. It’s the same for a bunch of the other planets they visit where they too have crafted museums for each of the dinosaurs. Each one is hit by a meteor, and Rick finds out that they might be the source of the meteors that wiped them back out. Back on Earth, the dinosaurs are speaking with each of the humans and it’s revealed that they are actually giving out a version of the book Jerry had written and pitched (but did not get credit or sales for it).
  • Rick appears and explains that every planet with dinosaurs on it is hit by meteors, it’s explained that while dinosaurs evolved to become kind settlers, there’s a species of rocks that devolved to have so much hate it heads to each planet to destroy it out of spite. Humanity then hates the dinosaurs, and they are forced to go on talk shows to discuss what to do about the upcoming meteor now heading to Earth. They explain that they’re trying to figure out what to do.
  • They decide to leave the planet for good, and the Earth goes back to the chaotic way it was before with war, famine, pollution, and more. Rick then hosts the Oscars and does a terrible and drunk job, but it was all scripted anyway. While the Dinosaurs had left, they instead have been waiting on Mars and are asking to be hit by the meteor. Rick doesn’t want to see that happen, so he heads to Mars to “sacrifice” himself alongside the rest of them to force them out of it as they won’t be the virtuous ones for “selflessly” giving their lives.
  • When they survive, they decide to do him a “favor” and fix the broken rift Rick had refused to fix to keep for a multi episode arc in the future. It’s here that both “god beings” reach a stalemate, and no one really gets a good ending for what they want in the end. Rick then fixes the portal gun once more as the episode comes to an end, and he and Morty are going to Morty. He teases that classic episodes will be kicking off once more, and it’s certainly an odd way to end the episode for Rick who had been challenged by a race of other god beings. After the credits, the dinosaurs then find and empty planet and start shredding gnarly craters with cool skateboards.

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