Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Celebrates Holidays With New Season 2 Video

Amazon Prime premiered their Jack Reacher series, Reacher, last year and it was an absolute hit for fans and the streaming service alike. Alan Ritchson stars as the titular character taking over from Tom Cruise in the film franchise. The series recently began filming season two of the series and have been posting some cool behind-the-scenes looks. Now, they have posted a video of Ritchson wishing their fans a happy holiday. You can check out the video from the set of Reacher below!

“So, welcome to the last night of filming before the holidays, Reacher season two,” Ritchson said in the video. “We’re all working very hard to bring you an amazing season two. I wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays, happy New Year. Don’t shoot your eye out!”

“It’s tough. There are 26 [Jack Reacher] books, and then there are short-story anthologies,” Santora told TVLine in a recent interview. “And there’s so much thought that has to go into our decision. Do we want it to be similar to Season 1, because Season 1 was successful? Do we want to go a little different? There’s so much that Lee gives us to choose from.”

“The good news is we have Lee Child has an executive producer on this show,” the showrunner continued, “and we have other producers on this show – we have Amazon, we have Skydance, we have Paramount – and we will sit and discuss it. But it’s a not a problem when you have too much good material to choose from. The problem is when you’re staring at an empty space, asking, ‘What am I going to write?'”

The first season of Reacher largely takes place in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, as Ritchson’s titular character helps solve a conspiracy and shut down a counterfeit money operation. Like the books, the season ends with Jack leaving the town, moving on to his next adventure. It stands to reason that the majority of the characters featured in this first batch of episodes might not be back for the second installment, save for Reacher himself. The supporting cast of Season 2 will all depend on which book the new episodes follow.


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