Power Rangers: Walter Jones Shares Reaction to Zack’s Once & Always Role (Exclusive)

The Power Rangers franchise celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a special reunion on Netflix, and returning Power Rangers star Walter Jones exclusively opened up to ComicBook.com about his reaction to Zack Taylor’s role in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always! Although Jones was a part of the original team of Power Rangers seen in the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, his return to the franchise for the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary special was the first time Zack had been involved with the series in any form since the character left the series. And quite a lot has happened to the character since then.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always brought Walter Jones back to the franchise as Zack Taylor for the first time in nearly 30 years, and it was revealed that Zack had not only become a congressman since his time in the series, but he also became a guardian for Trini Kwan’s daughter Minh. Speaking to ComicBook.com about Zack’s role in this new story, Jones appreciated that the character became someone who still found ways to protect people close to him.

(Photo: Hasbro / Netflix)

Walter Jones Breaks Down Zack’s Role in MMPR: Once & Always

“I think the character, Zack, has always been someone that felt responsible for being a protector of people in general,” Jones explained. “And my team, my family, everybody, anybody around me that needed help. I think Zack always wanted to be there for them. And even as a congressman, continue to help people in the community. I think when he steps up to care for Trini’s daughter, that is something that he would just do,” Jones said.

Elaborating further on Zack’s desire to help people and becoming a guardian to Charlie Kersh’s Minh, Jones stated, “It’s like something that he has the heart that wants to help and help build and help guide. And for me, as Walter, as an actor, I found that position easy to step into because I have two kids. I have a nine-year-old and a 15-year-old, so I’ve already helped them. I’ve guided them in their lives so they become adults. And then to give that energy to Charlie Kersh, as man, it just seemed natural.”

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