Power Rangers Stars Share Reaction to New Yellow Ranger (Exclusive)

One of the biggest revelations to come out of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always was the introduction of a brand new Yellow Ranger following Trini Kwan’s death to kick off the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary special, and two of the stars behind the Power Rangers reunion special shared how they felt about working with the new Yellow Ranger, Charlie Kersh’s Minh Kwan! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a special reunion that brought back original stars David Yost and Walter Jones for a new adventure. But it started with the death of one of their own, Trini.

Addressing the real life passing of Trini actress Thuy Trang, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always then sets the stage for Charlie Kersh’s Minh to take her mother’s place and become the new Yellow Ranger before it’s all said and done. Power Rangers stars David Yost and Walter Jones exclusively told ComicBook.com about how it was working with Kersh and ushering in this new generation of the franchise after all these years of missing in action for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always.

(Photo: Hasbro / Netflix)

On Introducing New Yellow Ranger in MMPR: Once & Always

“I love the fact that she was so well-prepared. I mean, she worked hard to be ready for every scene and for every physical challenge, and yet she was still very pliable,” Jones began when detailing working with Charlie Kersh’s new Yellow Ranger. “When you’re acting with someone, if they’re stuck in a way of doing things, if they’re not reacting to what you give them, then that can make us seem very still. But she was very good at being present in the moment and taking everything that was given to her.”

[S]he really embodied her character well, and you could really feel that she had researched Trini, and she was always prepared” Yost added. Then he continued with, “I remember one time, Billy always has these long lines, whatever, and long words that he is got to say, and I kept getting stumbled. I’d stumble on my line and she’d whisper my line to me in my ear. And one time she’s like, ‘Why am I the only one that knows everybody’s lines?’ And so I just thought that was funny. She’s very smart and a super talented martial artist, and she was such a great addition, and I’m really excited to see where her career goes.”

In terms of Kersh becoming a new Power Ranger, Yost added the following, “I think she makes a great Yellow Ranger and she’s got a lot of natural talent and a lot of natural gifts. So, it was a lot of fun to work with her because obviously it can be intimidating to come work with Walter and I, the two guys that started this whole thing and we could have been jerks, but I don’t think we were. And we all had a lot of fun together.” Jones then ended with, “She was very well-loved and embraced, and she felt very comfortable with it[.]”

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