Popular YouTube Channel Launches Creature Feature Streaming App

In the vein of Svengoolie and other late-night horror programs, YouTube’s Creature Features channel is making the leap to streaming. Wednesday, the Bodega Bay-based program unveiled its own streaming app, the aptly-titled Creature Features TV. Though recent episodes of Creature Features are already available for free on YouTube, the new app will be home to the show’s entire catalog, including retro episodes no longer available on YouTube.

“We’ll always be on YouTube for free, but with Creature Features TV, you now have exclusive access to the entire series library of Creature Features, including the beloved classics and the latest episodes,” the company said in a press release shared to its social media channels. “But that’s not all! Prepare yourself for a monstrous treat as you delve into other thrilling shows like Galaxy Theater and will soon unearth rare Creature Features episodes from the Bob Wilkins and John Stanley era that are unavailable anywhere else.”

As of now, seven seasons of the flagship Creature Features show are available on the new platform for a total of 335 feature-length episodes. The service also has two seasons of the aforementioned Galaxy Theaters sci-fi program and one season of a secondary Creature Features Friday show.

“By subscribing to Creature Features TV, you not only gain unlimited access to a treasure trove of entertainment, but you also directly support the continued production of Creature Features itself,” the company adds. “Your monthly subscription ensures that we can keep bringing you the frightful delights you love, while also introducing you to new creatures and stories that will send shivers down your spine.”

Introductory pricing for Creature Features TV checks in at $7.99 per month or $79.99 for an annual subscription. While the show is usually seen on terrestrial television or YouTube, the Creature Features TV app can be downloaded on androidtv, Roku, AppleTV and FireTV devices. It’s also available on Android mobile phones.