Pokemon Go Reveals First Ever Hatch Day Event

This month, Pokemon Go will be hosting its first ever Hatch Day event, which will put Riolu in the spotlight. Hatch Day is a new event that will work similar to Community Days, but instead of an increased chance of finding a specific Pokemon in the wild, players will have a greater chance of hatching it from an Egg. In this case, players will have an increased chance of hatching a Riolu from 2km Eggs on July 22nd between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time. Players will also have an increased chance of obtaining a Shiny!

Players will earn double Stardust for hatching Eggs during the event, and there will be Timed Research that will reward players with a Super Incubator. Last but not least, PokeStops will give out 2km Eggs more frequently during the event, offering players an even better chance at getting the number of Riolu Candy required to evolve it into Lucario.

So far, reception to the event seems a bit mixed on Twitter. On one hand, Riolu can be a bit hard to come by through Eggs, so the increased chance is a welcome one. However, the three hour timeframe is very inconvenient. With Community Days, Pokemon Go used to give players six hours, before that number was cut in half. While Community Day can be played by anyone staying in one place, hatching Eggs requires that players get up and travel; it would have made way more sense to give players an extended period to do so. Extra time would have also helped players plan around inclement weather. If July 22nd ends up rainy or too hot, that three hour period won’t offer any flexibility.

Given these factors, it will be interesting to see if Hatch Day proves to be a successful event. Niantic is clearly trying to build off the popularity of Community Day, but there are plenty of factors that might make it a tougher sell. Hopefully the actual “increased odds” of getting a Shiny Riolu will prove worth it for players that plan to join in!

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