Pokemon Cosplay Celebrates Misty’s Anime Comeback

Pokemon has been getting ready to say goodbye to Ash Ketchum after 25 long years of adventuring through the anime, and one awesome cosplay is celebrating Misty’s return to the series as part of Ash’s final episodes! Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master has been quickly approaching the final episodes of its special run meant to celebrate Ash’s long tenure before the anime moves on to a new set of characters with its next series. But part of this goodbye has been a blast from the past as Ash has teamed up with Misty and Brock just like he did all those years ago.

Ash’s Kanto companions have returned to the anime full time as part of saying goodbye to him for good, and it has brought back the nostalgic rhythms fans fell in love with during the original run of the series. Misty and Ash are at each other’s throats again just like they always were, and it serves as a great reminder of why she is still such a fan favorite after so many years. Now she’s gotten another great tribute from artist @chocolatcos0 on Instagram through some awesome cosplay:

How to Watch Ash’s Final Pokemon Episode

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master is now airing its final slate of episodes overseas as Ash has been having some final adventures in the anime, but unfortunately it’s likely going to be quite a while before fans outside of Japan will be able to see these episodes for themselves. The English language release for Pokemon Journeys is working its way towards its own finale, but that also means fans won’t get to see Ash’s final episodes until that series ends first. That’s especially true of what’s coming next.

Pokemon’s next major anime series is already scheduled for a premiere in Japan this April, and it will be replacing Ash with two new young trainers starting their story from the very beginning. This story is still very much shrouded in mystery as the new series still has no title, main antagonist, and more, but with Ash’s journey ending very soon, the new era’s beginning is coming soon after.


How are you liking Misty’s return to the anime? What are you hoping to see before Ash leaves the anime for good? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything Pokemon in the comments!