Pikmin 4 Gets New Trailer Aimed at Series Newcomers

When Pikmin 4 releases on Nintendo Switch later this month, it will likely be the first game in the series for many players. To help out newcomers, Nintendo has released a new trailer, offering some basic tips and tricks to teach players the ropes. At about five minutes long, the trailer lays out things like how players can get new Pikmin, and how they can be used to dispatch enemies throughout the game’s world. And for those that have played previous Pikmin games, it also gives a look at some of the new environments players will see!

The new trailer for Pikmin 4 can be found below.

As the trailer lays out, the Pikmin series revolves around space explorers that use Pikmin to help them on their missions. The trailer breaks down the original three Pikmin types (Red, Blue, and Yellow), and their distinct advantages. For example, Red Pikmin are resistant to fire, Blue Pikmin can breathe under water, and Yellow Pikmin are good with electricity. Figuring out the right Pikmin to use in each situation is the key to surviving, and finding the missing members of the Rescue Corps team.

One interesting difference from past Pikmin games is that the planet players are exploring seems to still be inhabited by humans. In other Pikmin titles, the player finds artifacts from previous civilizations, such as cell phones. However, the environments are all located outside, in the natural environment. While we’ve seen plenty of exterior levels and locations in Pikmin 4, it seems that players will also be exploring some indoor locations, as we can see things like sinks, soap dispensers, and even an engagement ring. That should help set Pikmin 4 apart from past games!

The first two Pikmin games debuted on Nintendo GameCube, while Pikmin 3 first released on Wii U. Both of those consoles were fairly unsuccessful for Nintendo, but the Nintendo Switch has been a massive hit for the company. It will be interesting to see how Pikmin 4 sells as a result, as it could end up finding a bigger audience than any previous Pikmin game. With the title set to release on July 21st, hopefully fans old and new will find a lot to enjoy!

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