Philadelphia Cream Cheese Launches First-Ever Designer Handbag Made of Cheesecake

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media, you have probably seen that “is it cake” trend where people share highly realistic-looking items of pretty much all types only for them to turn out to be not the item but instead cake. There are some pretty wild variations on this theme, but Philadelphia cream cheese might have the most stylish one yet, just in time for the holidays. On Wednesday, Philadelphia announced the first-ever Philly Handbag, a designer handbag that’s made of delicious cheesecake — and while it looks like a gorgeous luxury item, it’s something everyone can get their hands on.

The Philly Handbag, according to the brand, is inspired by the growing “dupe culture” as well as the viral “is it cake” trend and provides a unique intersection of both fashion and deliciousness. The Philly Handbag cheesecake kit is available exclusively on Amazon for $19.10 and comes not only with the materials needed to make the cheesecake, but the step-by-step instructions to bring it to life. It even comes with a Philly PP clasp giving it high style.

“As a brand that has set the cream cheese standard for 150 years, we saw how much fans missed our beloved holiday desert in the midst of last year’s cream cheese shortage,” Keenan White, Senior Brand Manager, Philadelphia cream cheese at the Kraft Heinz Company said in a statement. “This season, we wanted to show up in a big way to share that cheesecake is back and it’s everything, while also igniting the endless possibilities that cheesecake presents. We’re encouraging everyone to bake their own creations and remember the rich experience and smooth creamy taste Philly provides, from the moment you open the first brick all the way to the last bite.

As was noted above, the Philly Handbag Cheesecake Kit is available exclusively on Amazon. The kit comes with everything you need to create the handbag, including in-store coupons for bricks of Philadelphia cream cheese (cream cheese is perishable). The kit is available while supplies last. You can also visit for some other creative cheesecake recipe ideas, including Philly Pair-Adise Western Boots.


Will you be getting on this take on the “is it cake” trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!