Perfect Dark Rumor Claims Xbox Series X Game is a Remake

Perfect Dark is one of the most highly-anticipated exclusives for the Xbox Series X|S, but very little information has been revealed about the game. However, a new piece of information may have been revealed thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Tyler Thornock, a technical animator at The Initiative. In his profile, Thornock lists Perfect Dark among the projects he’s worked on. Interestingly enough, Thornock refers to the game as a remake in parenthesis. The posting was picked up by posters at ResetEra, who questioned if this might mean that the game won’t actually be a reboot.

The new Perfect Dark is being co-developed by The Initiative alongside Crystal Dynamics. Recent reports surrounding the game have suggested that it’s still “not close” to being finished. With the absence of meaningful updates about the game, fans are understandably speculating about what to expect. Crystal Dynamics CEO Phil Rogers stated in an earnings call last November that “the project is going extremely well.” Hopefully Xbox will provide some concrete information about the game in the coming months so fans can know exactly what to expect.

The original Perfect Dark was developed by Rare and released for Nintendo 64 in 2000. Microsoft acquired the franchise in 2002 after it purchased Rare from Nintendo. A prequel titled Perfect Dark Zero released for the Xbox 360 in 2005, and a remaster of the original game debuted in 2010. The new Perfect Dark was announced at The Game Awards in 2020, with The Initiative revealed as the game’s developer. In 2021, Microsoft announced that Crystal Dynamics would be co-developing the game. Since then, updates have been few and far between, but it seems hard to believe that a simple remake of the original game would be taking this long. It still seems more likely that this will be a full reboot of the franchise, and it’s possible that Thornock simply made an error on LinkedIn. With Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase coming in June, it’s possible we could learn more soon!

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