Overwatch 2 Reveals New Tank Hero, Ramattra

As teased earleir this week, Blizzard has officially announced the next tank coming to Overwatch 2 with the reveal of Ramattra. The official origin video for the character, along with a post from Blizzard’s Overwatch blog, offers new details about the hero who was previously seen at the end of the Overwatch “Storm Rising” event. The leader of Null Sector, the Omnic terrorist group that was central to the “Uprising” event back in 2017, Ramattra will officially launch as a playable tank in Overwatch 2 when season two of the series begins on December 6th. Check out the origin story for the character, and read more, below!

Ramattra’s story reveals him as being built as a soldier, leading his fellow Omnic warriors into battle. In the time since however he appears to have joined the Shambali and studied the teachings of the Iris in Nepal alongside the likes of Zenyatta. Peace was never an option however as Ramattra’s quest for maintaining his people’s existence has driven him to war. As Blizzard puts it: “Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities.”

No official word has come from Blizzard about what Ramattra’s kit, move set, or abilities will look like. There’s over a month between now and the new season of the now free-to-play game meaning new details about Ramattra will likely come in the next few weeks.

It’s worth noting however that whatever the character is able to do will almost certainly come with something that is a tad overpowered. As Overwatch 2 players may recall when Junker Queen launched in the game’s beta, her kit made her an instant pick for all tanks, forcing nerfs and changes to be made before the game launched. Blizzard is also still working on new game balances for the title as the game continues to evolve.

“Each season will also see impactful hero balance changes as the season begins to support our goals of constantly balancing the game and keeping the live service feeling dynamic,” Blizzard previously wrote in a blog post. “This means new seasons will feel more distinct and special with balance changing significantly when we move to the next season. We are also prepared to make additional balance adjustments if the need within a season arises to manage hero balance and power and keep our game feeling fair and fun.”


Ramattra arrives in Overwatch 2 on December 6th along with a slew of new balance changes to the game that will no doubt cause some kind of controversy. Read more about the latest Overwatch 2 stories below: