Overwatch 2 Players Claim They’ve Been Banned After Picking One Hero

A new controversy is brewing on Blizzard’s Overatch 2 as several players have come forward and make the claim that they’re being mass reported, and even given a ban, all for simply selecting Doomfist as their character. Originally a Damage character in the first Overwatch, Doomfist was transitioned to the Tank role in Overwatch 2 and as a result had some of his kit changed, including a major damage reduction. As a result of this, Doomfist’s popularity among teammates has plummeted across many player pools and some players that main the tank believe that they’re being punished by Overwatch 2‘s automatic report system after picking their favorite character.

The /r/DoomfistMains subreddit is flooded with posts from players showing abuse from teammates directed at them for playing the character. One user, who claimed to have been banned for a month because they played Doomfist and enough teammates reported them to trigger the game’s automated system, wrote: “It’s been very frustrating for multiple reasons, and I can’t wait until he gets any sort of buff in hops that it’ll change peoples perspectives towards him.”

Blizzard has previously addressed that they intend to rework Doomfist in some way moving forward, new patches including character buffs and nerfs will roll out with every new season of Overwatch 2. Developers have already addressed that changes to Sombra and Zarya are on the way, which could very well make Doomfist a more viable pick, and raise his standing in the community. In a blog post, writing specifically about Doomfist, Blizzard wrote that they’re monitoriing his performanc and play rate compared to the other tanks in the game and could very well make improvements to his Power Block and Meteor Strike in Season Two of the game.

“Each season will also see impactful hero balance changes as the season begins to support our goals of constantly balancing the game and keeping the live service feeling dynamic,” Blizzard previously wrote in a blog post. “This means new seasons will feel more distinct and special with balance changing significantly when we move to the next season. We are also prepared to make additional balance adjustments if the need within a season arises to manage hero balance and power and keep our game feeling fair and fun.”


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