Our Flag Means Death: Rhys Darby Shares Thoughts on Season 2 Finale

The second season of Our Flag Means Death came to an end in October, and it had a much different finale than the first season did back in March of 2022. Warning: Spoilers Ahead! While the first season of Our Flag Means Death ended with Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and Blackbeard/Ed (Taika Waititi) being separated, the new season ended happily for the couple, who decided to leave their pirate life behind and open an inn. However, things didn’t end happily for everyone. Izzy Hands (Con O’Neill) tragically died, which caused a bit of an uproar within the fandom. Considering television shows are being unceremoniously canceled left and right, many fans are pleased things ended so well for Stede and Ed, just in case the show doesn’t get a third season. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with Darby, and we asked if Stede and Ed’s happy ending was important to him.

“It wasn’t important to me personally, but I think it’s important to the show because I remember when the first season finished, there were some fans that were left heart-wrenching and yearning for the return, and then it took so long to finally come back and stuff like that,” Darby explained.

“And so I think it’s nice for us all, especially the fandom, to have a little bit of a breather and go, ‘Oh, okay, well we can, because if it went the other way or somewhere where they were separated’ … There was definitely heartbreak with Izzy, but I think, so it’s not all wonderful, but there’s certainly a little bit of happiness to be had, which I think is nice. A nice little payoff,” he added.

When asked if the intensity of the Our Flag Means Death fandom has surprised Darby at all, he replied, “No, nothing surprises me anymore. It’s bonkers, basically, and in a good way for the most part. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised with anything really.”

Con O’Neill Addresses OFMD Fan Backlash:

ComicBook.com also had the chance to chat with O’Neill, and he spoke about the fan response to Izzy’s ending.

“I’ve been told about it,” O’Neill said when asked about the reactions to Izzy’s death. “I always find it quite… ’cause Izzy wasn’t particularly loved in Season 1, and so the overwhelming love I’ve had or he’s had in Season 2 has taken my breath away, really. David Jenkins brought us all together. David Jenkins created the show that we all love. David Jenkins created the show that brought us the fandom and brought us… all of us.”

O’Neill continued, “He didn’t take it lightly. We talked about it a lot. Narratively, it made sense. I love playing Izzy with my heart and soul, and I’m sorry that people are upset. I’m genuinely sorry because I understand it. I didn’t realize until Episode 6 dropped how much love there was for him. Then I started to get a bit nervous about how they would respond to Episode 8. But the reason I think it works is because David Jenkins has a plan. He has a narrative in his head, and whatever that narrative is, I’m up for it. I think Izzy’s demise was although painful, essential to his narrative, so yeah.”

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Our Flag Means Death is now streaming on Max. Stay tuned for more from our interviews with the show’s cast.