Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Reveals Shocking Connection Between Two Major Characters

As Only Murders in the Building‘s third season nears its end, and the story gets closer to revealing Ben Glenroy’s killer, more and more information is coming to light. This week’s new episode, “Sitzprobe,” brought forward one of the biggest reveals of the season to-date, bringing forth the knowledge that two major characters are connected in ways we didn’t previously know. It also gives one of them a pretty big motive.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Only Murders in the Building! Continue reading at your own risk…

A couple episodes back, it was revealed that Loretta (Meryl Streep) kept a secret book of headlines and pictures about Ben Glenroy, potentially hinting that she was his killer. In “Sitzprobe,” we learn that the book isn’t actually about Ben at all. It’s about his adopted brother and manager, Dickie.

As it turns out, Loretta is actually Dickie’s mother. She got pregnant at a very young age and gave him up to a family who couldn’t conceive, which allowed her to move to New York City and pursue her acting career. Over the years, she has been keeping tabs on Dickie, and the reason she wanted to join the production was to finally get close to him.

This gives Loretta a motive to kill Ben, as she wanted to get him out of the way to spend more time with her son. However, her decision to take the blame at the end of the episode to save Dickie from getting taken into custody alludes to the fact that she’s probably innocent after all.

John Hoffman, the co-creator of Only Murders in the Building, recently spoke with TVLine about the surprising new Loretta twist. According to Hoffman, Streep was all in on the idea of Loretta’s story once it was pitched.

“I pitched this to Meryl while we were still in the writers’ room [arcing Season 3],” Hoffman said. “One of our brilliant writers, Elaine Ko, pitched this story for Loretta, and it was a moment you felt in the room – one of those things that gets you very excited. Meryl wanted something juicy… and it’s a re-contextualizing of this character that reshapes who she is and why she arrived at that audition, and what she was really thinking when she recited that monologue about caring for a child that may not be physically hers.”

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