Only Murders in the Building Delivers Surprising Double-Twist in Season 3 Premiere

Only Murders in the Building is finally back for its third season, with the first two episodes of the new installment debuting on Hulu Tuesday morning. The new season picks up right where Season 2 left off, with a new character played by Paul Rudd dying in the middle of a Broadway stage on opening night of Oliver’s new play. It doesn’t take long for viewers to learn that there’s more to the story, however. Only Murders in the Building delivers a surprising double-twist in its Season 3 premiere, letting fans know early on that they’re in for a lot of twists and turns this time around.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR spoilers from the Only Murders in the Building Season 3 premiere! Continue reading at your own risk…

Rudd’s character, Ben Glenroy, really does die on that stage. Mourning his loss on opening night is the main story of the first two acts of the Season 3 premiere. But things take a drastic turn when, at the afterparty where everyone is sad about his death, Ben walks right through the front door to make a joke.

Ben reveals that he was legally dead for 10 minutes before being revived, and arrogant movie star spends a few minutes apologizing to several people in the room, seeming to have found a new lease on life after his brief encounter with death. He tells everyone he’s going to go to sleep and rest up for the big week they have ahead with the opening of the play. That’s the first step in the double-twist.

Earlier in the episode, Uma makes a joke to Charles, Oliver, and Mabel on the elevator that she appreciates the fact that the latest death occurred outside of the Arconia. For the first time in the show’s three seasons, the main murder subject of a season died in a place that wasn’t the Acronia, which sort of defeats the purpose of the title. Little did we know at the time that the major death of the season actually would occur in the building, very close to the spot where Uma commented on Ben’s supposed demise.

The Actual Big Death of OMITB Season 3

The final scene of the Only Murders premiere sees Charles, Oliver, and Mabel return to the elevators, this time using the elevator that was broken earlier in the episode. Blood starts dripping from the ceiling onto Charles and they all move just in time for a body to fall through the elevator ceiling.

That body belongs to none other than Ben Glenroy, who is very much dead this time around. Ben is the real victim of Season 3, but his initial death was a fake out, setting up a very different kind of mystery. The scenario is different, and the pool of suspects has slightly changed, making for an even more exciting mystery ahead.

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