One Piece Cosplay Taps Into Yamato’s Power

One Piece has been bringing Yamato more into the spotlight with its latest slate of episodes in the anime, and one awesome cosplay is really showing off why the fighter became a quick fan favorite by tapping into Yamato’s power! The manga release of the series might have gone far beyond the events of the Wano Country arc at this point, but the anime is heating up with it as it gets ready for the climactic final stage of the fights across Onigashima. Among the fighters getting ready for their next big bout is Yamato, and there is a reason why fans are so adamant that they need to join the Straw Hat crew in full someday.

Yamato instantly became a major fan favorite when they were revealed to not only be Kaido’s son when Luffy and the Straw Hats made their way to Onigashima, but revealed that they absolutely hated their father and wanted to join Luffy’s crew to sail out and follow the same path that Kozuki Oden once did. It’s this blend of ferocity that fans wanted to see more of immediately, and it’s what artist @yazbunny brings to life with some excellent Yamato cosplay on TikTok. Check it out:


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? OOGA BOOGA! – Ski Mask The Slump God

How to Catch Up With One Piece

There are a ton of chapters and episodes to check out if you wanted to finally jump into One Piece yourself. You can find the 1000 plus chapters of the manga release of the series now available with Viz Media’s digital Shonen Jump library, but if you wanted to catch up with the anime instead there’s also an easy way to do that. You can find the over 1000 episode strong anime streaming with Crunchyroll, and now’s the time to do so before it reaches the climax of the Wano Country arc overall.

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Yamato has had some big moments in the anime so far, but is really only getting started as the fight with Kaido heats up even more. The series is stronger now than it ever has been thanks to immediate fan favorites like Yamato, and the potential for more is really through the roof. But how are you liking One Piece lately? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!