One Piece Anime Reveals the Straw Hat Crew’s New Bounties

One Piece’s anime has now started to reveal how the world outside of Wano has changed since Luffy and the Straw Hats started fighting Kaido four years’ worth of episodes ago, and one of the big updates revealed what the Straw Hat crew’s new bounties are after everything that happened! Luffy defeating Kaido on the roof of Onigashima’s Skull Dome shook up the pirate world in some massive ways that are still being seen, but one of the big clues that this was a huge endeavor was the fact that Luffy was crowned a new Emperor of the Sea as a result of his win.

One Piece Episode 1086 has started to reveal what’s been happening to other key characters while Luffy and the others were on Wano, and it’s explained that the Marines are starting to label some characters as massive threats. This included Luffy, as they dubbed him dangerous enough to be a new Emperor, but now the Straw Hats are a much more dangerous crew just be association. Each of their bounties got a significant increase heading into the next arc.

One Piece: New Straw Hat Crew Bounties Revealed

Here’s the breakdown of the Straw Hat crew’s new bounties as detailed by One Piece Episode 1086:

  • Ship’s Doctor, Chopper the Cotton-Candy Lover (PET) – 1,000 berries
  • Navigator, Cat Burglar Nami – 366 million berries
  • Musician, Soul King Brook – 383 million berries
  • Shipwright, Cyborg Franky – 394 million berries
  • Sniper, God Usopp, – 500 million berries
  • Archaeologist, Demon Child Nico Robin – 930 million berries
  • Cook, Black-Leg Sanji – 1 billion 32 million berries
  • Helmsman, “First Son of the Sea” Jimbei – 1 billion 100 million berries
  • Swordsman, Pirate Hunter Zoro – 1 billion 111 million berries
  • Senior Captain and an Emperor of the Sea Monkey D. Luffy – 3 billion berries

One Piece is set to begin the next major arc of the anime next January as the Straw Hats reach a new island, so now is the time to catch up with all of the episodes, movies, and more (including an English dub release) streaming with Crunchyroll.

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