NXT Deadline: Blair Davenport Wins Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

The women’s Iron Survivor Match was the second match of the night on NXT Deadline. Blair Davenport, Tiffany Stratton, Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, and Kelani Jordan fought hard to prove why they’re worthy of being the Iron Survivor and #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship at New Years Evil.

Blair Davenport and Henley enter first and Davenport takes early control of the match, whipping her into the corner and delivering intense shots to her body. Davenport goes after Henley’s back that has been in pain since the bell rang, stretching Henley who attempts to fight out of it but Davenport stays on her. Henley creates some separation and continues her assault on Davenport. The clock ticks down as Stratton enters next and as Henley gets distracted by her it allows Davenport to catch her off guard. Davenport and Stratton team up momentarily to go after Henley who desperately tries to fight out of the 2-on-1 situation. They get her into a submission move but she refuses to get put in the penalty box. Stratton turns on Davenport taking over control of the match but Davenport plays possum. As Stratton goes to pin Henley, Davenport pushes her out of the ring and gets a fall, earning the first point of the match.

Kelani Jordan is the next entrant and she comes out strong taking on both Davenport and Stratton. With her limited experience in the ring and her NXT debut being less than a year ago, she’s ready to prove why she deserves to be in the conversation and get that title shot. Henley’s time in the penalty box runs out and she reenters the match, going straight after Stratton with two blockbusters and a kick, earning a fall over Stratton. Jordan tries to make quick work over Henley to get a fall but is unsuccessful. Henley takes control as she and Jordan are the only two in the ring. Stratton’s penalty expires and she goes right after Henley. Davenport and Jordan fight it out on the top rope as Lash Legend prepares herself as the final entrant of the match that has 10 minutes left. All four women in the ring fight on the top rope just as Legend’s music hits and she enters the ring, running over to them and throwing them all down to the mat. Legend chokeslams Stratton and powerbombs Henley. She goes for a double pin over Henley and Stratton, earning two points just over a minute into her time in the ring.

Jordan gets herself back into the match, using her background in gymnastics to take out Lash on the outside of the ring. Stratton and Henley are both in the penalty box when the rest of Meta-Four blocks the door from being opened as their time runs out. Henley slams Stratton’s head against the doors and as she tries to escape out of the top of the box, Stratton pushes her into the announce table and she swanton’s onto the rest of the women on the outside of the ring. As the freshest woman in the match, Legend tries to take advantage throwing Davenport and Stratton into the match but both women kick out. Jordan sets herself up on the top rope but gets caught by Legend who uses Jordan’s body to hit the rest of the women. Bodies are hitting the mat left and right when Davenport secures a fall, tying herself up with Lash. Lash dribbles Davenport and Henley but Stratton is back in the fray, desperate to get a fall. Stratton finally gets a fall with her PME over Lash who enters the penalty box in the last few minutes of the match. Jordan hits a 450 splash on Stratton but the pin is broken up, preventing her from getting.a fall. Blair takes the lead with a fall over Henley in the final seconds of the match just as Lash reenters the match and chases Davenport around the ring, running down the clock.

After winning, Davenport cuts a promo in the ring, telling the WWE NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyrie that she’s coming for her. Valkyrie’s music hits and she taunts Davenport from the ramp but a returning Cora Jade sneaks up on her and hits her from behind. Jade holds the title high above her head smirking, making a statement to the entire women’s division.

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