Nintendo President Reveals Why the Company Doesn’t Invest in Some Technologies

When it comes to new technology, Nintendo has a tendency to follow its own path, rather than doing what everyone else is doing. While some fans might get frustrated that the company doesn’t explore concepts like VR, Nintendo is constantly looking at ways they can revolutionize the gaming experience. In a new interview with Japanese outlet NHK (translated by Nintendo Everything), Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa offered some insight into how the company explores new technologies. Furukawa noted that the company is focused on finding new ways to improve the gameplay experience, while also surprising players.

“While there is no particular technology we are focusing on at the moment, we are conducting research on a variety of new technologies. However, I believe the most important thing for our company is not seeking new technologies for novelty’s sake, but rather considering how they can lead to revolutions in the act of play itself,” Furukawa told NHK. “The idea is that if we become convinced that incorporating a certain technology can provide customers with a fresh and surprising experience, then we covet its research more strongly, making investments when necessary as well.”

Furukawa’s comments are not all that surprising, given Nintendo’s history. While the company is slow to embrace things like cutting-edge graphics, or VR, Nintendo is constantly bringing new ideas to the industry. Concepts like controller rumble were once seen as strange, but are now commonplace in the industry. Nintendo has also gambled on technology like the DS’ dual screen hardware, the Wii’s motion controls, or 3DS’ glasses-free 3D. These ideas were far outside what competitors were doing, but Nintendo pursued them because the company thought they would revolutionize the gameplay experience.

Not every technological gamble is going to be successful, and Nintendo has had ideas that failed to connect with audiences. The Wii U GamePad wasn’t innovative enough to win over skeptics, and the company’s cardboard LABO building kits ended up highly discounted in an era where Nintendo’s first-party games rarely go on sale. Regardless, Nintendo’s technological gambles set them apart from the rest of the industry. Sometimes that’s cause for frustration for fans, but if Nintendo can find a way to implement new technologies in a way that makes sense for its developers, the company will certainly explore them.

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