New Super Mario Bros. Movie Figures Leaked Online

When The Super Mario Bros. Movie released in theaters back in April, fans were treated to accompanying toys from Jakks Pacific. The company offered several different options, but the real highlight was a line of figures centered around the main cast: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. Priced at $19.99, each figure was accompanied by an accessory from the film. Now it seems Jakks Pacific has more figures in the works, including Cat Mario, Peach in her racing suit, and Kamek. It seems the figures were actually spotted at a Walmart location, and an image was shared of the trio by @preterniadotcom on Twitter.

An image of the three figures can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Cat Mario’s accessory is a Question Block, Kamek has his magic wand, and Peach is accompanied by a Blue Shell. The Blue Shell has long been one of the most frustrating power-ups in the Mario Kart series, and played a major role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While the Blue Shell did not attack Princess Peach, it did destroy Mario’s kart, nearly killing the plumber and Donkey Kong. Speaking of Donkey Kong, the Seth Rogen voiced character played a pivotal role in the film, but he has not received any accompanying toys outside of a McDonald’s promotion. Hopefully this new line of characters means that we’ll see even more figures from the film over the coming months!

Jakks Pacific has a long history with Nintendo, having produced a number of figures based on the company’s games. As such, it made a lot of sense to see that partnership continue with The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In addition to the line of figures, Jakks Pacific has also offered several smaller options, including some micro playsets based on locations from the movie. These have included Princess Peach’s Castle, which opens up to become the training grounds Mario uses early in the film. There has also been a toy based on Mario and Luigi’s van, which opens up into a playset based on the Mushroom Kingdom.

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