New Study Suggests We May Actually Live in The Matrix

An age-old theory is that we all live in a matrix or a computer simulation run by some higher being or something of the like. A new scientific study making the rounds online dives into the idea, exploring whether or not we’re nothing more than pre-determined beings in a larger simulation. A new study in the American Institute of Physics’ AIP Advances journal suggests a new physics law could prove we do, in fact, live in a simulation.

“At the heart of the second law of infodynamics is the concept of entropy-a measure of disorder, which always rises over time in an isolated system,” study author Melvin M. Vopson said in a blog post complementing the study. “When a hot cup of coffee is left on the table, after a while it will achieve equilibrium, having the same temperature with the environment. The entropy of the system is at maximum at this point, and its energy is minimum.”

He added, “The second law of infodynamics states that the “information entropy” (the average amount of information conveyed by an event), must remain constant or decrease over time–up to a minimum value at equilibrium.”

Are you still following along? According to Vopson, a second entropy must exist to balance that created, in this case, by the cooling cup of coffee.

“My study indicates that the second law of infodynamics appears to be a cosmological necessity. It is universally applicable with immense scientific ramifications,” Vopson added. “We know the universe is expanding without the loss or gain of heat, which requires the total entropy of the universe to be constant. However we also know from thermodynamics that entropy is always rising. I argue this shows that there must be another entropy–information entropy–to balance the increase.”

Here’s where The Matrix comes into play: Vopson says that since the second law of infodynamics is a cosmological necessity and appears everywhere across the land in the same way, one could make the conclusion that the “entire universe appears to be a simulated construct.”

Phew, chew on that one for a little bit. Unfortunately for fans of The Matrix film series, the study doesn’t say whether the Red Pill or Blue Pill is advised.