Neopets Return in New Trading Card Game

The Neopets revival is underway, and that means a brand new trading card game. Upper Deck has announced Neopets Battledome, a brand new trading card game set to come out in 2024. The new trading card came features a unique “dice combat system” and over 20 NeoPets to collect. Over 250 pieces of the custom art was created for the initial set’s release, featuring fan favorite artists like Anthony Conley, Krista Staggs, and Shamine Athena King. No details on gameplay, but the press release notes that this is a 2-person trading card game. A trailer for Neopets Battledome was released below:

Neopets Battledome is coming out as part of a celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. The franchise launched in 1999 as a virtual pet website, with players able to care for their Neopets as well as battle them in the Battledome. The Neopets franchise peaked in the mid-2000s with around 35 million unique users per month. By 2020, the Neopets franchise had shrunk to about 1.5 million unique monthly viewers. Earlier this year, Neopets’ parent company JumpStart shut down and the franchise was eventually bought out by a new independent company called World of Neopia Inc., who has been working to revitalize the brand. Notably, Neopets reached a deal to have John Legend be the new Neopets ambassador, although its unclear whether he holds any real diplomatic power.

Notably, this marks the second Neopets trading card game. Wizards of the Coast released a Neopets Trading Card Game back in 2003, which was discontinued after just three years.

Upper Deck will release a first look at the game at Gen Con, with a full release coming in 2024.