My Hero Academia Season 6 Finally Animates One of Mt. Lady’s Most Iconic Scenes

My Hero Academia’s sixth season has been taking on the huge Paranormal Liberation Front War arc from the manga series, and that means the newest episode has finally animated one of Mt. Lady’s most iconic scenes from the war! Fans have been waiting to see the war between the heroes and villains break out in full as fans have seen it kick off in a bloody and brutal fashion for many. But while many of the biggest scenes are still yet to come, there are just as many memorable moments from the arc that stood out because they offer some surprise levity.

Mt. Lady has been a crucial part of the heroes’ big assault on the Paranormal Liberation Front’s main base, and while she has yet to get into a big fight herself for the war, the newest episode of the series has brought her to the front lines in a very unexpected way. When she’s thrown through the air from a sudden rush of ice from the villain Geten’s abilities, Fatgum ends up hilariously in her trajectory as she comes flying towards him while he needs to get out of the way or be crushed by her bottom.

How to Watch My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia is only a few episodes into its run for Season 6 thus far, and that means the war is really only beginning from here on out. Mt. Lady might have been made an unexpected joke with this scene in question in Episode 118 of the series (and the fifth of the season overall), but this is all before she gets into her main conflict for this war arc from the manga. The episodes thus far might have already surprised fans, but things are only going to get wilder from here.

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If you wanted to catch My Hero Academia Season 6 as it airs, you can now find the new episodes streaming on Crunchyroll as they air in Japan. You can also find the first five seasons of the anime streaming there as well, and that way you can catch up before the war gets even more intense in future episodes! But how are you liking My Hero Academia‘s sixth season so far? What did you think of this Mt. Lady scene? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!