My Hero Academia Reveals Nana’s Warning to All For One

My Hero Academia has reached the climax of the final fight between All For One and All Might, and the newest chapter of the manga has revealed the final warning Nana Shimura gave to All For One about how far All Might would be willing to go to take him down! The final fight between All Might and All For One has taken a much different shape than likely many fans had ever expected to see as while All Might has been doing his best to keep up, All For One has been in completely in control and growing in power with each passing moment.

My Hero Academia has been reaching the climax of the fight between the hero and villain as All Might has seemingly entered his final moments, and All For One was able to make his way to the battlefield where Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki are fighting. It’s been quite the reunion between the masters and their pupils, and the newest chapter of the series reminds All For One of All Might’s own master, Nana Shimura, as her final words to him resonate in a surprising way.

(Photo: Shueisha)

My Hero Academia: Nana Shimura’s Final Words to All For One

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 sees All For One bring a bloodied All Might to where Deku and Shigaraki are fighting, and Deku goes through a lot of emotions in seeing All Might in such a way. But in order to be the successor and hero that All Might wants him to be, Deku instead is focusing his energies on fighting Shigaraki. All Might, however, is preparing for one final gambit and begins to wrap himself around All For One. All Might also wants to push himself like Deku, and thus smiles as he reaches his dream of being the symbol of peace.

In seeing this All For One has a flashback of Nana Shimura’s final moments as she gave her life fighting in the same way warning that All For One would fall to All Might “without a doubt” because All Might is a “madman” who is even more “unhinged” than All For One is. This is all as All Might is preparing some kind of explosion as the chapter comes to an end, and it looks like this could all be it for All Might.

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