My Hero Academia Closes Bakugo’s Redemption Arc With a Single Scene

My Hero Academia has reached the end of one of the biggest fights in the series so far, and the newest chapter of the manga has made sure to close out Katsuki Bakugo’s redemption arc with a very important scene! Although he was first introduced to Kohei Horikoshi‘s original manga as Izuku Midoriya’s prickly rival, Bakugo has been steadily chipped away at through each of the arcs. He’s been coming face to face with his own weakness, and has been trying to make up for his own perceived lack of strength as Deku and the others shined brighter in bigger battles.

Through the series Bakugo has been going through a redemption of his own as not only did he become one of Deku’s closest allies, but his heroic actions have legitimately have made him one of the standout heroes in the series overall. As he helped to deliver the final blow to All For One with the newest chapter of the series, My Hero Academia made sure to bring this redemption arc to an end with a final victory that sees Bakugo celebrating and putting all of his trust in Deku, something he likely would have never conceived of when all of this started a year ago.

(Photo: Shueisha)

MHA: How Bakugo Becomes a Hero

My Hero Academia Chapter 410 officially brings the fight to All For One to an end as Bakugo makes one final stand against the villain. As All For One used his quirks to the point where his body rewinded to an infant, Bakugo nearly falls before dealing the final blow. But rousing himself back enough to keep standing to make sure the villain is defeated, Bakugo counters All For One’s final attack. All For One starts to fade away as Bakugo collapses, and here is where it all comes full circle.

Bakugo notes to himself that he was hoping to stand tall and do one of All Might’s victory poses, but instead he collapses with the final thought of “Give him hell…Izuku…” It’s Bakugo putting his complete faith in Deku that he not only refers to his rival by his proper name after all this time, but it just goes to show just how much the two young heroes have been through since the fights against these villains began. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if Deku can actually beat Shigaraki.

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