Mob Psycho 100 Introduces Its Season 3 Villain

Mob Psycho 100 has now reached the climax of the first arc of its highly anticipated third (and likely final) season, and the newest episode has taken things up a notch with the full introduction of the main villain that Shigeo Kageyama needs to face! The third season has had a much different path than the first two seasons of the series as Shigeo is now directly confronting the fact that he really has no idea for his future outside of all of the power at his disposal. But while he has been distracted, something insidious has been growing in the shadows.

The previous episodes have been teasing how the giant broccoli Mob infused with power in the second season has since become a “Divine Tree” that the Psycho Helmet club has been worshipping. But while Mob refused to go along with their desires, someone (or something) else has quite literally taken his place as the head of a growing cult. Now using the psychic brainwashing power within the the giant broccoli itself, this new villain has become a much tougher and scarier villain to overcome.

(Photo: Warner Bros. Japan)

Who is Mob Psycho 100’s Season 3 Villain?

The previous episode officially saw a new being taking Mob’s form in order to pose as the leader of the Psycho Helmet cult. After a display of its power growing the tree’s roots, it immediately took over. Episode 4 of the series took this to a wild new level as Mob slowly discovered over the course of his day that more people in his life had started fully believing in the Psycho Helmet cult. It started off slow, but through the episode quickly grew more intense as it was clear they were being brainwashed.

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Not only did Teruki Hanazawa discover the villain’s new plot, but he was proven to be far too weak to take down the foe completely. As the episode comes to an end, Mob himself readies to meet this new foe face to face as the rest of the town (even Reigen) falls under their control. But for fans of the manga, this is far from the only major antagonist we’ll see for the season…and could surprise when it all falls apart as the season continues.


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