Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remaster May Have Been in the Works At Rockstar Games

A remaster of Midnight Club: Los Angeles may have been in the works at Rockstar Games at some point. Midnight Club is one of Rockstar Games’ most unique franchises because it’s not violent, it’s pretty accessible to all ages, and you’re confined to a vehicle. Sadly Rockstar Games has left the series dormant like many of its other franchises after the success of Grand Theft Auto V. The last entry in the series was Midnight Club: Los Angeles which released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2008. It’s also backward compatible on Xbox One and Series X|S, but it is missing some music and other features that were included at launch.

The internet may have discovered that Rockstar Games was working on a remaster of Midnight Club: Los Angeles at one point, assuming it’s not still in development right now. As spotted by YouTuber SuperType1, an artist named Markus Kienzl made an Instagram post on August 26th, 2021 that noted that Rockstar Games had licensed one of his songs for a trailer for a Midnight Club: Los Angeles remaster. Somehow, this flew under everyone’s radar and has only been recently brought to light. Obviously, it’s a bit strange since Rockstar Games hasn’t announced, let alone suggested such a remaster was in the works. There were rumors of a GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remaster, but they were reportedly shelved following the reception of the recent GTA trilogy and Rockstar choosing to focus on Grand Theft Auto VI.

It’s possible that a Midnight Club: Los Angeles remaster was going to be one of those remastered projects, but it got shelved at the same time as the others. Nevertheless, if that was the case, it’s a bit strange that Rockstar Games would’ve licensed a song for a trailer. That would indicate it was pretty deep into development, but perhaps Kienzl’s post isn’t completely accurate. Either way, it’s a pretty strange situation.

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