Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fans Think Mary Jane’s Stealth Missions May Return

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans think that the controversial Mary Jane missions may make a return. Marvel’s Spider-Man is widely held up as one of the best superhero games ever made and part of that is because it really immerses you in the Spidey experience. There’s a sense of speed and adrenaline that you get swinging through New York City, bouncing up walls slipping through tiny spaces to sustain your momentum, and the combat is incredibly energetic and bouncy. This translated very nicely into Spider-Man: Miles Morales which gave players new powers that are exclusive to Miles and help make him a distinct character from Peter.

However, there was one element to the first game that rubbed players the wrong way. There were a handful of missions where you had to play as Mary Jane and obviously, she is not super-powered. These missions were pretty clunky stealth missions where you had to avoid making too much noise by side stepping a cartoonish amount of fragile objects and typically steal info or avoid dangerous foes. It was widely agreed upon that these missions were not good and now, fans fear they’ll return in the sequel. At one point in the new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players noticed a moment (1:14 timestamp) where Mary Jane appears to be hiding from what appears to be Peter Parker in the symbiote costume. Given the perspective is focused on Mary Jane during a cutscene that also features Spider-Man, it seems to suggest we’re following her rather than Peter.

Of course, this is a very, very brief moment from the trailer and has been stripped of its context. This could be purely used for a cutscene, but it definitely reminded players of those missions. If they are making a return, hopefully, Insomniac Games took the criticism to heart and is doing its best to make them more fun and less cumbersome to play.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release October 20th. Are you interested in playing as Mary Jane again? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.