Marvel’s Predator Vs Wolverine Adds Surprising Twist to Logan’s Origin

The pages of Marvel’s Predator vs Wolverine crossover event have been more than just a straightforward fight between the two characters. This battle between two of the toughest to kill characters in comics has been ongoing for many decades, with each issue of the series revealing that throughout Logan’s decades of life he’s encountered the same Predator many times. First the pair were fighting in the wilderness of Canada back in the 1900s, then in South America decades later, and this week with Predator vs Wolverine #3 revealed another key moment in their history, and one that changes Logan’s origin story in a fitting way. Spoilers follow!

Though this issue is bookended by Logan fighting the Predator in the present and their next encounter in Japan, the bulk of the story is set at the point in Wolverine’s history when he was being outfitted with his adamantium skeleton in the Weapon X project. Having already fought twice at this point, the same Predator that has battled Logan tracks him to the facility of the notorious project. After finding him there and noting that his skeleton is coated in the indestructible metal, the Predator decides to claim Logan for his trophy room. Using the same tech that the Predator uses in Prey to melt the skin from its trophies and leave only the bones, the Predator melts off Logan’s face (not without a fight) and carries his naked carcass back to its ship for display.

On the ship however, as you might expect, Logan begins to heal and recovers from having his entire face (and seemingly brain) melted by the Predator’s technology. Weapon X jets scramble to keep the Predator ship from leaving orbit, but it still manages to get out of the atmosphere before Logan can stumble his way out of the trophy room. Wolverine ends up tumbling a few miles down, through the clouds and back to Earth where he lands with a thud and is recovered by Weapon X. Barry Windsor-Smith

The man himself isn’t the only thing that fell from the Predator’s ship though, and not the only thing recovered by the top-secret program, they also snagged the Predator’s high-tech mask. As one of the last panels in this era reveals, the Predator’s mask was a major source of inspiration for Weapon X, who used its design and functionality for Wolverine himself, giving him his classic Weapon X mask from the classic Barry Windsor-Smith comic series.

(Photo: MARVEL)

(W) Ben Percy (A) Ken Lashley, Gavin Guidry (CA) Marco Checchetto
Who will take the final trophy? Will Wolverine’s adamantium skull join the bones of countless others? The Predator’s long hunt catches up to the present day as Wolverine sets his trap. But what hope does he have against an enemy who’s slaughtered prey across the universe?
Rated T+
In Shops: Dec 27, 2023
SRP: $5.99