LEGO Fortnite Players Call Out the “Most Useless Item” in the Game

Lego Fortnite has been a major hit for developer Epic Games. Fortnite‘s take on the Minecraft-like open-world mixes in the franchises players know and love with family-friendly gameplay. Because it’s a survival crafting game, players are constantly finding new items that they can use to create more elaborate buildings and items. Most of the time, players love getting all of those new items in Lego Fortnite, but at least one item is already annoying players because of how often they’re finding them. Bones might not be completely useless, but when you’re finding them by the truckload, it quickly becomes clear that Epic needs to find more ways to use them so they stop taking up inventory space.

Why Are Players Calling Lego Fortnite Bones Useless?

(Photo: Epic Games)

This all started with a Reddit thread in the official Lego Fortnite subreddit. There, a user named 6isJrx posted a question asking, “What is the most useless item in Lego Fortnite?” Attached was a familiar picture of a stack of 50 Bones. In the ensuing thread, most players seemed to agree that Bones are essentially useless after a certain point. The reason stems from the fact that it’s way too easy to farm up a ton of Bones in relatively quick order.

Because Skeleton enemies are so plentiful in Lego Fortnite, players are accruing a ton of them without really trying. While they can be used to craft several basic items, there’s not much to do with them past that, so players end up with massive stacks of Bones that they can’t really use. One of the ways players have suggested to deal with the problem is to add more recipes that use Bones to make them worth something past the early game. The other option would be to turn down how often Skeletons spawn, but the former is much more popular because fighting off Skeleton hordes is part of the fun.

Of course, it’s not just Bones that players have found to be mostly “useless.” Some have said items like Wolf Claws and Heavy Wool are almost as useless as Bones, though it is worth mentioning that everything has a potential use that some players might’ve not considered.

For example, one player in the thread says, “I take bones into ice faces and drop them to get bones wolves to stay still while I crossbow them.” As you can see, using a bit of creativity can make even the most useless items something that players can use to make them more likely to survive the harsh world of Lego Fortnite.

Plus, Epic has shown that it’s going to continue to support the game with all kinds of post-launch content. You never know when the team is going to add something new, which could add new ways to use Bones. Either way, it’s clear that Lego Fortnite is going to get all kinds of new skins to try out, including the latest Star Wars skins.