Leaks Suggest Lords of the Fallen May Get Two Expansions

Since its release on October 13, Lords of the Fallen has been getting constant updates to iron out many of the issues players have been experiencing. In fact, there was just a new patch today that fixed things like enemy density, crossplay, and new game+ Vestiges. That’s great to see for fans who love developer Hexworks’ take on the Souls-like genre; however, a recent rumor claims that those same players will have even more content to jump into relatively soon. The leak claims that the Lords of the Fallen team aims to release two expansions over the next several months.

What’s intriguing about these potential leaks is that they’re seemingly being confirmed by what the developer is doing and saying, though in a circumstantial manner that means it’s impossible to know if they’re true. The basics of how this all came about is that a user posted on October 13 and claimed to be an outsourced dev working on Lords of the Fallen. In that post, they made several claims about the game’s development, many of which have come true. The bombshell of the post is that there are seemingly two different expansions currently in the works, though no actual timetable has been discussed.

Lords of the Fallen Expansion Leaks

(Photo: HexWorks)

The original leak had several claims, the most prominent of which was that many of the issues Lords of the Fallen was facing were due to the team upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 during the course of development. This was somewhat confirmed by the studio itself after launch, with executive producer Saul Gascon saying in a Reddit AMA that crossplay was disabled due to issues with UE5 and the way it was working with Steam.

Further, the leak claimed that devs are putting their all into this release, which some fans think is being backed up by the constant patches, but this part of the “confirmation” seems a little weaker than some of the other things mentioned in the post. The leak also claimed that Lords of the Fallen sold well despite poor reviews. Current estimations claim it has sold 400,000 copies on Steam in its first three days. Spread that over consoles and add in further sales, it definitely seems to line up.

All of this is to say that fans are now looking back at the leak and assuming that it’s true because of how many other aspects of the leak have been proven to be at least partially true. In turn, this makes the rumor about two new DLCs coming down the pike seem much more likely. Of course, it’s still smart to take all of this with a healthy dose of skepticism until something is officially confirmed. That said, everything else has essentially lined up with the leaker’s original post so that extra content will likely be confirmed relatively soon.

Lords of the Fallen is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.