Law & Order Favorite Shot in SVU and Organized Crime Crossover Finale

Tonight’s Law & Order crossover finale involved the teams of SVU and Organized Crime, and in hour two things got incredibly dicey for two franchise favorites. In the Organized Crime hour, the person behind Shadowerk had put a hit out on Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, which led them to take along substantial security when going to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Someone looking to collect the bounty gassed the security and everyone in the kitchen and dining room as they made their way to Benson and Stabler, and they got off a shot and hit Benson in her side, knocking her down to the floor. You can find the clip from Organized Crime in the video below.

Thankfully she noticed the gas being pumped in the room and managed to keep her eyes protected with a napkin and some water, so while everyone else was blinded and couldn’t see, she could. Benson fell on the floor next to Stabler, and while he was armed, he couldn’t see where the attacker was.

Benson could still see though, so she aimed his arms and took the shot, piercing the helmet visor the attacker had and taking him out in one shot to the head. This was one of many bounties and hits accepted through Shadowerk, which aren’t even just stateside anymore but have expanded internationally. The crimes in New York have led the team to Ohio, and that’s where Stabler and Benson were when the attack happened.

Later on, the doctors reveal that they’ve gotten out all the shrapnel and pieces of the bullet near Benson’s hip, and Stabler is there to help her leave the hospital. They share a moment, where Stabler tells her he thought he’d lost her since he couldn’t see. Benson tells him “I can’t imagine what that brings up for you”, and then they get a call and have to move out to another location.

The team was able to track down the person behind the site after finding his mother Linda, and it turns out it was her son Kyle. Kyle started the website about six months prior to this, and upon its completion tried to commit suicide, but when the first person accepted a job on the site, he decided against it.

Amanda Rollins also guest stars on the episode, and in a scene with Kyle’s mother, Rollins tells her that the chaos that the website provided and caused gave him a reason to live, and that leads Linda to help them locate him, or at least it seems that way. Later we see the SVU and Organized Crime teams move in on Kyle’s suspected location, but Kyle seems prepared for any eventual encounters.

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