Kris Statlander Retains TBS Title on Collision and Jade Cargill Makes Long Awaited AEW Return

Kris Staplander isn’t shying away from anyone who wants a shot at the TBS Championship, and on tonight’s AEW Collision, she issued an open challenge. That challenge was answered by Robyn Renegade, though she would be getting some assistance from Charlotte Renegade as well throughout the match. Robyn and Charlette would get in a number of shots on the Champ without the referee catching them, but Statlander was finally able to overcome the numbers advantage and pin Robyn. Robyn and Charlette would then attack Statlander after the match, and that’s when Jade Cargill made her long-awaited return to AEW. Even more shocking was that she came to Statlander’s rescue, but then things took a turn and Cargill made it clear she is back to take her TBS Championship back.

Statlander picked up Renegade and slammed her down while maintaining a hold. Renegade countered but was then thrown to the mat as Statlander locked down her shoulder. Renegade was back on her feet but Statlander knocked Renegade down with a shoulder tackle before following it up with a dropkick. Statlander went for a move in the corner but Renegade dodged it and went for a kick to the head, though Statlander caught her and threw her to the corner.

Statlander hit an uppercut before Charlette showed dup and distracted the Champion for just a second. That gave Robyn a chance to capitalize with big strikes and a slam to the mat, but Statlander would kick out of the cover attempt. Renegade kicked Statlander in the stomach and then threw her into the corner, but Statlander came out swinging with a clothesline and a back elbow.

Statlander kicked Renegade to the side of her head and then charged forward for a running elbow. She followed it up with a knee strike and a huge Blue Thunder Bomb, but then Charlette distracted Statlander again, giving Robyn a chance to cover. Statlander kicked out, and then Renegade slammed Statlander down for another cover, but Statlander kicked out of that cover too.

Renegade missed on a big kick and got caught by Statlander, who put her up on her shoulders and slammed her down. Statlander then punched Charlette off the ring apron. Statlander then rolled up Renegade and got the pin and the win, but the duo didn’t take that well. Charlette came in and hit a chop block on Statlander, and Robyn then punched and held the Champion as Charlette punched her, but then some unexpected music hit.

It was none other than Jade Cargill, who hasn’t been on AEW TV since Statlander defeated her for the TBS Championship. Cargill walked to the ring and surprisingly attacked Robyn and Charlette, clearing the ring except for Statlander. She held out her hand and helped Statlander up as the crowd chanted welcome back, but then Cargill pulled the Champ in and slammed her to the mat. Cargill grabbed the TBS Championship and held it over Statlander, saying she missed her Championship and making it clear she was aiming to take it back.

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