Keanu Reeves Wants to Be the First to Talk to Aliens When They Invade

Should aliens ever decide to visit Earth–at least in a public setting, of course–Keanu Reeves says he wants to be the one the welcome them to our planet. During a Reddit AMA in support of John Wick: Chapter 4 on Saturday, Reeves was asked a whole smorgasboard of questions. One of them, naturally, asked for his stance on if he’d be willing to be the first communicator between the invading aliens and the human race.

“Heck yea,” the John Wick star responded. He went on to reveal he ever has his first set of conversation starters planned saying, “How’s it going? How was your trip? You hungry? Want anything to drink?”

Coincidentally enough, the topic of conversing with aliens has been in the news after officials unveiled a potential plan they’d follow should we come in contact with extraterrestrial life.

“You can’t overstate just how important that discovery would be. How we’re going to confirm that and announce it responsibly, I think is a really, really important question,” NASA official Lori Glaze told Business Insider about the topic. Glaze oversees NASA’s planetary science division. “The biggest challenge is trying to keep that communication on an even keel, right? With an excitement, and yet also understanding that we need to set the expectations that we have to follow the scientific process.”

In 2021, NASA released a framework on the matter called the “confidence of life detection” (CoLD) scale in support of the agency’s extensive Mars research. At the least confident of steps, Level 1, it means scientists have discovered a simple molecule within the Martian dirt. It would then reach Level Two once that molecule was confirmed to not be contaminated, nor was the molecule deposited by any research instruments.


The CoLD Scale goes all the way up to Level Seven, which is irrefutable proof life exists either on a micro life within the dirt, or even plant life on the surface of the planet. At each step of the scale, it’s expected some sort of an announcement would be made.

John Wick: Chapter 4 will hits theaters on March 24th. What other John Wick Universe spinoffs would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter!