Kate Winslet Gives Surprising Update About New Season of HBO Hit

Last year, Kate Winslet starred in Mare of Easttown on HBO, which was nominated for 16 Emmys and took home four, including Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie for Winslet. Despite being categorized as a limited series, many fans have wondered if the show would get a second season, which could potentially follow Winslet’s Mare Sheehan solving a new murder case. Currently, Winslet is promoting her newest film, Avatar: The Way of the Water, and was asked about more Mare of Easttown when visiting with The Graham Norton Show (via Digital Spy).

“I have heard the rumours but no decision has been made,” Winslet told Norton. “It hasn’t been ruled out and there’s been no discussions at the moment. I also think, ‘How would you would top that?'”

Last year, she also addressed another season when speaking with The Awardist podcast. “The end of shooting we were like, ‘Holy hell, we can never ever do that again, so if HBO brings up the idea of a Season 2, we’ve just all gotta say no, ‘absolutely not, there’s just absolutely no way we could ever possibly do it,'” Winslet said. “There was talk of, ‘Well, could there be [a second season]?’ when the show was getting such great responses. And, creatively, Brad [Ingelsby] has shared some very cool ideas. we’ll see what happens,” she continued. “But I also have to figure out, can I do it? Could I go through it again? It did cost me a lot emotionally to be her, and I just have to figure out if I can summon all that up again. It was a ride, that’s for sure.”

Who Is Kate Winslet Playing in Avatar: The Way of the Water?

Avatar: The Way of the Water will introduce a new character named Ronal who is played by Winslet. During a new interview with Empire Magazine, Winslet revealed that her character will have a rivalry with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

“Ronal is a formidable female character,” Winslet told the magazine. “Like Neytiri, she holds her family’s needs close to her heart and will stop at nothing to protect her children and her people. A true mother, in every sense.”


“These two females are so aligned in their deep desire to keep their individual families safe. They are both powerful, willful creatures who respect their husbands but will not be led by them. They carve their own paths, and they expect to be listened to. They are both physically as capable as one another, and in the world of Pandora, the need for physical ability amongst all tribespeople is not only important — it is crucial. They also need to possess equal strength to their male counterparts, which both these females do. In staggering ways. Working with Zoe was just wonderful. Her commitment to the world of Pandora and being Na’vi is so embedded within her now that it is truly inspiring to be around. It’s as if it’s in her blood now,” she added.

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to arrive on December 16th.