John Cena’s WWE Fastlane Partner Revealed on SmackDown

It took John Cena quite a while to actually get to tonight’s WWE SmackDown, as he evidently had travel issues on the way there. Throughout the night The Bloodline’s Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa would take shots at Cena not being there, as well as replay the footage of the attack they carried out on Cena and AJ Styles last week. With Styles out of commission, Cena didn’t have a partner, but after tonight’s encounter with The Bloodline he finally got his partner for WWE Fastlane, and it was none other than the Megastar LA Knight.

Last week Cena revealed that his partner for a match against Jimmy and Solo at Fastlane would be AJ Styles, who had problems with The Bloodline as well. Unfortunately, right when Styles was supposed to come to the ring he was brutally attacked by Jimmy and Solo backstage, and they ended up slamming him into equipment and putting him through a table.

Afterwards, they would celebrate the attack but were quickly confronted by Cena, who attacked them in the ring but was soon overcome by the numbers advantage. The Bloodline left Cena knocked out on the mat and without a partner, and that led to tonight’s opening sequence, which featured The Bloodline having some fun at Cena’s expense. Cena wasn’t at the show yet due to travel issues, and it wasn’t sure if he would make the trip at all.

Cena finally did make it to the event and headed right to the ring to deliver a promo. In that promo, Cena said that despite the handicap nature of the match after Jimmy and Solo attacked Styles, he would honor the contract he signed and take on The Bloodline in a handicap match if that’s what he needed to do. Jimmy and Solo would come to meet Cena in the ring, and they didn’t waste any time making sure Cena wouldn’t even make it to Fastlane.

Cena was able to fend off Jimmy right away, knocking him off the ring apron and to the floor, but Sikoa was quickly on Cena. The Bloodline would rebound and overwhelm Cena, and it looked as if this would be a repeat performance of last week. Jimmy and Solo put Cena on the announce table and set up for a splash, but then LA Knight’s music hit and he rushed down to the ring.

Knight ran into the ring and evaded Jimmy to lay a few punches into Solo. Then Knight took Jimmy’s head off with a clothesline and stomped on Jimmy in the corner. Then he hit Solo with a huge move that knocked down the enforcer and followed it up with a big slam to Jimmy.

After Solo and Jimmy rolled out of the ring, Cena got to his feet back in the ring. Knight then found the contract and picked it up before signing it and making it official. Knight will now be Cena’s partner at Fastlane against Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, and they make quite the team. Cena officiated Knight’s match against The Miz at Payback, and Knight walked away the winner. Now Knight will team up with him for one of the more anticipated matches on the Fastlane card.

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