John Cena Facing The Bloodline at WWE Fastlane, but He’ll Need a New Partner

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown was supposed to culminate in a contract signing for WWE Fastlane, a contract that would make a match between John Cena and AJ Styles vs Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso official. While Cena signed right away, Styles never had a chance to, as Jimmy and Solo took him out in a vicious attack backstage. That left Cena without a partner for Fastlane, so while the match is all but official now, Cena will have to figure out who his partner will be if he can make it to Fastlane without The Bloodline taking him out of action too. They did just that tonight, leaving him knocked out in the center of the ring.

The contract signing started out relatively smooth, with Cena quickly signing his name to the contract with Adam Pearce. Pearce then introduced Styles but the music just kept playing until the video screen showed that Styles was being attacked by Jimmy and Sikoa backstage. Jimmy slammed Styles into some containers and then threw him over top of them, setting him up for Sikoa.

Sikoa was positioned higher above, and then he hit a splash onto Styles, who was revealed to have been on a table. Medical personnel and WWE staff all went in and checked on Styles as Jimmy and Sikoa left, and Cena headed backstage to check on Styles as well. As Styles was being taken away in an ambulance, Karl Anderson told Cena he had told Styles to stay out of the Bloodline’s business, but he didn’t listen.

Sikoa and Jimmy were then in the ring, and Jimmy told Cena he was the twos, but Cena came running out to the ring. Sikoa met Cena but Cena slammed Sikoa into the steel steps. Then he hit Jimmy with a shoulder tackle and a slam. Sikoa came running in and Cena picked him up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Jimmy connected with a Superkick and knocked him down. Jimmy then set Cena up for Solo, and Solo hit Cena with the Samoan Spike, leaving him knocked out on the mat.

Then Jimmy went up and hit the Uso Splash, leaving Cena down for the count as Sikoa and Jimmy celebrated. No one came out to help, so it remains to be seen who Cena’s tag partner will be. We do know that Cena will be at Fastlane though, and that he will be involved with the Bloodline in some way if this episode is anything to go by. That said, there are others that seem to have it out for Cena.

During the broadcast, Karrion Kross shared a post of him watching Cena’s entrance backstage. Kross wasn’t too happy about it, and the suggestion sure seems to be that Kross will end up colliding with Cena at some point during Cena’s time back in WWE. Kross would be a perfect villain for a through-and-through babyface like Cena, and Cena can absorb some losses to build Kross up a bit, just like he’s already done with Austin Theory.

We’ll have to wait and see if that happens or if Kross factors into the match at Fastlane, but hopefully, we’ll get the reveal of Cena’s partner for the match next week. One name does immediately come to mind based on what happened between Cena and LA Knight, but it remains to be seen if that will come to pass.

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