John Cena Doesn’t Know How Much Time He Has Left in WWE

John Cena made an unexpected return to WWE earlier this year and would end up taking part in multiple matches and premium live events throughout this most recent run. It was a chance to see Cena back in the ring and working with a host of superstars on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, and that might be one of the last longer runs fans get to see. Cena took to social media today to offer a toast to the WWE Universe and thank them for their reception after he returned, and during that toast Cena did address the future a bit, saying he doesn’t know how much time he has left in the WWE. That does suggest we may get at least one more run before he retires, but that’s obviously not guaranteed. You can check out Cena’s full post below.

“A toast to the WWE Universe for making my 2023,” Cena said. “As you know I was able to return to SmackDown in the fall and… the reception, and the respect… I will never forget. I do not know how much time in the WWE I have left, but I do know in recent times, when I’ve been able to return home, you have always welcomed me as one of your own.

I am forever indebted to your generosity, your empathy, your respect, and your excitement. I look forward to the next time we can get together, but I want to take a moment to truly say thank you for making this a wonderful year, for me, and for my family,” Cena said. “To the WWE Universe, until the next round, cheers.”

Cena also addressed this a bit during a backstage interview on SmackDown, saying that father time has a part in making every opportunity to come back more and more special. The last match of his most recent run was a match that put over Solo Sikoa in a big way, and that’s been a key element in many of his more recent appearances.

“Every single chance I get to go out there becomes more and more special. There is no denying the fact that I’m 46 and staring down 47,” Cena said. “I’ve been here for over two decades. As I said out there in the ring, the last one is not tonight, but I know it’s soon. To speak candidly, when you’re involved in this every day in a full-time capacity, you just think about what’s next.”

“The WWE Universe being gracious to invite me and allow me back to be part of this family, for the last two or three years, I’ve been able to focus on what’s now. I never miss any of those wonderful moments in the ring. I know it may sound repetitive, but so is me saying ‘Never give up,’ and I never mind saying that, so I never mind saying ‘thank you’ to the people that make this special,” Cena said. “Without them and them caring, I don’t get to come back.”

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