Jade Cargill Confronts NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in WWE Monday Night RAW Debut

It’s very clear that WWE has some big plans for new signing Jade Cargill. After debuting at WWE Fastlane a little over a week ago, Cargill has come face-to-face with two of the biggest names in the WWE Women’s Division. At the season premiere of SmackDown this past Friday night, Cargill confronted Charlotte Flair. Now, on the premiere of Monday Night Raw, Cargill shared the screen with The Man, NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Over the past few weeks, Lynch has been met with a horde of challengers for her NXT Women’s Championship. Indi Hartwell and Xia Li both confronted Lynch about a championship match on Monday night. After they both left, Cargill entered the frame and provided Lynch with another potential challenger.

Cargill didn’t outright say she wanted to fight Lynch for the Championship, but she did make a hint. Lynch responded by simply telling her to “get in line.”

Jade Cargill’s WWE Aspirations

Speaking to Sports Illustrated after the WWE signing was made official, Cargill revealed that she one day wants to headline the biggest show in professional wrestling: WWE’s WrestleMania.

“I understand what I’m here for,” Cargill said. “I want to capture gold and I want to headline WrestleMania, but none of that is handed out. I want to work to create those phenomenal moments. I want to have marquee matches, I want to get people talking, and I want to create something bigger than myself.”

Tony Khan on Jade Cargill’s AEW Exit

Jade Cargill ultimately made the decision to sign with WWE, but AEW’s Tony Khan did try his best to keep her in the company. Speaking after the AEW WrestleDream pay-per-view, Khan opened up about Cargill’s departure.

“I was surprised because to be honest. I came up to a number that was higher than her original ask. I don’t know what I would have had to do at that point. I was a little surprised,” Khan said. “I did really hope that Jade would be back. I think I tried to handle it, when we were down to the nitty gritty and we were down to the final couple of weeks and we still hadn’t agreed to something.

“It was at the point where I said, ‘if you aren’t going to stay, I’m going to give you the best possible exit.’ I have only good things to say about Jade. I really enjoyed working with her. She was a great part of AEW, she is always welcome here, I tried to give her the best possible send off I could.”

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