Hunter x Hunter Star Wants Everyone to Read the Series ASAP

Hunter x Hunter has gained serious traction in the Shonen universe thanks to its dynamic battles and endearing characters introduced in its run. While the anime adaptation is still far from being confirmed with a return like its source material, the voice actor behind Japan’s version of Gon has made a dramatic plea to the world when it comes to experiencing the hunters’ many challenges. As the manga continues under the pen of creator Yoshihiro Togashi, fans are continuing to celebrate the major comeback story.

While Hunter x Hunter’s manga has returned, the anime adaptation came to an end from Studio Madhouse with the conclusion of the Election Arc, as the Hunters’ League attempted to confirm a new leader following the death of the former chairman, Isaac Netero. During the events of the Chimera Ant Arc, Netero sacrificed his life in an effort to defeat the king of the ants but was unfortunately unable to beat the antagonist with his last action. With the hunters struggling to decipher who should be their new leader, this final anime arc was much more restrained when it came to battles but still had major ramifications for the Shonen universe.

Hunter x Gon

Megumi Han took to her Official Twitter Account to share her plea for all of mankind to read Hunter x Hunter, as the series recently has released a steady string of new chapters from Yoshihiro Togashi that have seen further events unfold as a part of the Succession Contest Arc:

At present, the manga might be releasing new chapters, but the anime adaptation has yet to reveal if it too will be making a comeback. Previously, Studio Madhouse was responsible for the latest television iteration, with the animation house still working in the medium via series such as Overlord and The Vampire Dies In No Time, with past works including heavy hitters such as Trigun, One-Punch Man, and many more. Should Hunter x Hunter return, plenty of Shonen fans would be wondering whether Madhouse would take the reins of the series as well.


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