Hunter x Hunter Kicks Off New Plan to Catch Hisoka

Hunter x Hunter has finally come back for new chapters of the manga following one of the longest hiatuses in the series’ history to date, and its return chapter has kicked off a new plan to somehow catch Hisoka. This is the first new chapter for Yoshihiro Togashi’s series in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in nearly four years, and that also means the story has been in the Succession Contest arc ever since. With this arc only getting started in introducing the Kakin Family Princes’ powers, there are still many more mysterious about the rest of the Black Whale ship.

When we had last seen the manga series, the Succession Contest really only just began as the various Princes were discovering the extent of their new gifted Nen abilities and those working with them have begun to train their powers too. Not only do they have to keep watch out from an attack from one another, there are also those they can’t account for in the ship such as Hisoka. The killer had been teased as being somewhere on the ship, and now some new characters have kicked off their attempt to catch him.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Where is Hisoka?

Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter picks up with the trio of fighters from the Xi-Yu group that have revealed their various Nen abilities in the chapter before the hiatus. They were attacked by a group of Morena’s supporters, and that continues even further with the newest release. While Hignrigh Biganduffno is dealing with them directly, Zakuro Custard and Lynch Fullbokko continue with the rest of the plan. Using Zakuro’s manipulative “It’s a Bloody Small World – Bloody Mary,” he orders his blood to search the rest of the ship.

Zakuro’s blood takes form with his Nen (which will last about 30-40 minutes before turning back into regular blood) and is moving throughout the ship in search of either anyone suspicious or Hisoka himself. There are many characters currently searching for Hisoka on the Black Whale, so it’s hard to deduce whether or not this will be the plan that leads to the fan favorite killer or not. But it would be a welcome comeback considering we’ve been in this arc for so long. That’s even if he’s on the boat in the first place.


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