Hook To Defend the FTW Championship at AEW Worlds End

Hook has accepted Wheeler Yuta’s challenge for the FTW Championship but he wants the match done on his terms and on his turf. Hook wants the FTW Rules title match at AEW Worlds End.

On the December 10 episode of AEW Collision, Yuta interrupted a backstage interview between Renee Paquette and Hook. “Hook, you’re a paper champion, you’re an amateur,” Yuta said. “Renee, you shouldn’t be wasting your time with guys like this when you could be interviewing honorable champions, just like myself.” Hook fought back with an insult of his own, “yeah, real honorable. You kicked Shibata in the balls.”

“Hook, I pinned Shibata in the middle of the ring to become a record-setting three-time Ring of Honor Pure Wrestling Champion,” Yuta continued. I can do it under Pure Rules but I can do it under your rules too. I am tired of dealing with you because you are the one who started this. You stuck your nose in my business and I can make your life a living hell for as long as I want but I’m ready to put you out. Let’s do it under FTW rules.”

Hook proceeded to show up to ROH Final Battle where Yuta was defending the ROH Pure Championship against Tom Lawlor. He looked like he was trying to inflict even more damage on Lawlor but that’s when Hook showed up to prevent it. When Hook turned his back on Yuta, Yuta struck, laying Hook out on the mat. “Ayo Wheel,” Hook said on the December 23 AEW Collision. “you wanna fight me with my rules, for my title? Well that’s fine by me. Let’s do it on my home turf. New York. Next week. Nassau Coliseum, Worlds End. I’ll see you then.”

Hook is a two-time FTW Champion with his current reign standing at 119 days and counting. The 24 year old wrestler has proven a formidable force since his debut in AEW just two years ago. The last time the title was defended was at AEW All In London where Hook reclaimed the championship from Jack Perry.

AEW Worlds End is live on pay-per-view December 30 from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY.